Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Hello from Bintan

It's now 10:22pm here, and I'm in my temporary bed at Nirwana Garden's in Bintan typing this.
As much as this trip here is for my assignment, this turned out to be a getaway for me too.

Am here with mummy dearest :)
Arrived safely yesterday afternoon, and there was some issues checking in, but we got our room just fine, thankfully.
Took awhile to rest and headed for our massage and facial.
Apparently, the spa isn't the same one as it used to be anymore. It's now under a different management.
And honestly wouldn't recommend this spa here (Kedaton) if you're looking for something more upscale.
But still, not too bad la...
Had Japanese for dinner, and the food was alright, but the portion too little for the price so exorbitant. A bit like daylight robbery >:(
But their dessert special was sooo good!
It was a lava cake with a scoop of vanilla on crushed pineapple cookie!
Today though, was literally a nua day, which I LOVE!
Came back to nua in the room for slightly over an hour after breakfast, which I must say, had some pretty good food despite the minimal selection.
We were pleasantly surprised when we got back to the room too! Had some cute origami towels left by the staff (Rizal) who made our room, and a cute little note!
Headed to the poolside for a tan at the craziest hour of 12, where the sun was the brightest, but am loving the results I garnered.
Although, because I was reading, my arms are so unevenly tanned now with the insides being all white:/
Almost 3 hours later, we were back to the room to cool down, nua some more, wash up and head to the kelong for some seafood dinner!
Between the both of us, we gobbled down a plate of sambal chilli crab, mantous, which I must say was the best I ever had! Deliciously crisp on the outside and just so soft on the inside! Brocolli with mushrooms, and gong gong with a really refreshing dip!
Unfortunately though, the haze was a little stronger by the kelong, and there was not much of a view of the sunset :(
Plans for tomorrow is an early morning breakfast followed by a little more tanning and a dip in the pool before I have to get back to pack-up, wash up and check out.
Ferry leaves at around 2 plus(Indo time) which means I'd be back in Singapore around 4plus...
Wish I could have a little more time here, BUT, there's class on Thursday, UNFORTUNATELY!
In other news, I'm having my consumer behaviours mid sems on Sunday afternoon and I've yet to study! I actually brought my notes and laptop over with me to Bintan, but being on a trip, even if it is for an assignment, is making me extremely reluctant to study.
Guess, I'd just have to cram when I'm back and burn some midnight oil.
Luckily for me though, this is a subject similar to what I've studied in poly before so it shouldn't be too hard on me!
ANDDDDD, I can't wait for FRIDAY, cause I'm finally gonna meet my girl!
Even if it is the fact that it'd be the last time I see her till she gets back again next year.
After a long month, I'm finally gonna be seeing her again, so I'm glad!
Wish we could have an entire day together though, and not just the morning/early afternoon.
Sucks to have school :((((

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